About The Vital Sacrifice, A Paranormal Romance Novel

Vampires aren’t the only immortals co-existing with humans on earth undetected…

The Vital Sacrifice, a Paranormal Romance Novel by M. L. Childs

Teresa McMillan is a renowned opera singer who was raised in a home where Mozart, Bach, Wagner, Verdi, and Puccini were household names.  At a very young age, her mother discovered her talent and honed it until she was sent off to college at a prestigious music school to learn from some of the best classical professors in the world.  With such an upbringing, it is no wonder that this female soprano singer captivates audiences the world over including one very special admirer who has crossed oceans of time and travelled through winds of change to see her – again.

Ali Abdur Rahman has his work cut out for him trying to lure this woman back into his life.  He is not only competing with the distractions of her very active celebrity life but he is also competing with her fiancé, Matthew Larkin.  Despite these challenges, Ali remains undeterred because no woman has ever been able to resist his charm, not even Teresa.  But Ali wrestles with a secret that is hundreds of years old which if revealed will not only ruin their romantic destiny but could also wreak havoc on the entire human race.  Could his love for Teresa McMillan – something that he knows is forbidden – be his undoing?

The Vital Sacrifice 2017 Promotional Copy

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$2.99 USD Kindle

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