About The Vital Sacrifice Characters – Meet Ali Abdur Rahman

Of all the women on earth he can have, he’s focused only on her. . .


The Vital Sacrifice Fictitious Character - Ali Rahman

Image courtesy of Dreamstime.comAli Abdur Rahman was born in the 12th century to a prominent family in Egypt.  His father, Malik Abdur Rahman,  is proud of his only son whom he is grooming to take over as vizier to the Sultan of Egypt.  Malik worked his way up through Egyptian society to become the second most powerful man to the sultan and he is delighted to pass this prominent position to his son.  That is, until he discovers that his son has defied him and joined a forsaken band of semi-immortals.  This group is public enemy number one and now he must disown his very own son who is a leader among them.

Ali’s fall from grace was a devastating blow on his human side.  But as a semi-immortal, Ali is now able to live a long life, have any thing he wants, or be with any woman he wants, so how bad could this really be?Image courtesy of Stocksnap.io

He can have any woman, but he falls for one specific woman — Teresa — and crossing paths with her, not once, but twice, just may prove to be his ultimate downfall.


Grab your copy of The Vital Sacrifice and take an escapade back to the 12th century to trace the origins of this notorious character.



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Disclaimer – These are stock image and fictitious descriptions of characters contained within my novel. These descriptions are not about the people in the image.  The image and the description serve to get readers better acquainted with the main characters appearing in my novel.  Any resemblance to real people is coincidental.  



Image of man and building courtesy of Dreamstime.com.  Additional image courtesy of Stocksnap.io.


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