About The Vital Sacrifice Characters – Meet Anwar Mamluk

The Vital Sacrifice Fictitious Characters - Anwar Guzman

Anwar Mamluk was a mercenary near Anatolia in the 12th century.  He cares about nothing or no one but himself and this doesn’t change when he becomes semi-immortal.  Nothing is ever enough for this sensation seeker and even though he and his crew can have anything that they want because they are semi-immortals, this still isn’t enough.  Despite his own insatiable spirit, he doesn’t want to lose what he has and he can’t understand why Ali keeps wanting to risk it all for Teresa – a woman whom both of them have seen once before over the ages and who is now once again becoming a pain in Anwar’s semi-immortal ass.

Image courtesy of Dreamstime.com

Anwar is not going to stand idly by and allow his co-leader, Ali, to be sucker punched by the emotion of love — an emotion that Ali knows that he shouldn’t give into.  The way that Anwar sees it, Ali can have any woman he wants – they are good-looking, they are rich, and most importantly they are undead.  No matter why Ali keeps having these feelings, Anwar’s mercenary spirit comes through again and he will not tolerate losses of any kind especially that stem from involvement with a woman.  He along with the third leader of the Order, Chi Khan, aim to preserve the Order even if someone’s life must end.


Grab your copy of The Vital Sacrifice and discover just what all the commotion is about.

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Disclaimer – These are stock image and fictitious descriptions of characters contained within my novel. These descriptions are not about the people in the image.  The image and the description serve to get readers better acquainted with the main characters appearing in my novel.  Any resemblance to real people is coincidental.  



Main image courtesy of Shutterstock.com.  Additional images courtesy of Dreamstime.com.

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