About The Vital Sacrifice Characters – Meet Teresa McMillan

She’s torn between two men. . .

The Vital Sacrifice Fictitious Character - Teresa McMillan

Teresa McMillan has made a career for herself as a soprano opera singer.  She travels all over the world performing her many classical tunes in popular opera houses.  Her fans love these live performances and her albums sell out almost as soon as they are released.  Despite all of this fandom in the public sphere, Teresa’s personal life isn’t as exciting.  Image courtesy of Stocksnap.io

Like many career-oriented women, she has spent most of her life chasing her dream and has devoted little time to anything else.  But, Teresa is beginning to realize that life is slipping away from her and if she doesn’t settle down soon, she may never get the chance to have a family.

Luckily, after her last concert in Italy, her boyfriend, Matthew Larkin, seems to be on the same page as she is with regard to family life and proposes to her upon her return.  Teresa’s fiance isn’t her only love interest, however.

“Teresa’s fiance isn’t her only love interest, however.”

Image courtesy of Stocksnap.ioJust as she is about to embrace her happily ever after with her fiance, another man enters the picture with the goal of taking her away from him.  Ali Rahman is a semi-immortal being who shouldn’t be capable of falling in love.  However, love has a way of conquering all — even damned creatures.  Ali’s obsession with this mega superstar begins with a gift of roses and won’t stop until she is his.

Dim the lights and prepare to follow the life of this opera diva whose private sphere is about to become a far cry from the monotonous and predictable life that she has always known.

Before you get too comfortable, grab your copy of The Vital Sacrifice and become a member of Teresa’s extended audience. . .


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Disclaimer – These are stock image and fictitious descriptions of characters contained within my novel. These descriptions are not about the people in the image.  The image and the description serve to get readers better acquainted with the main characters appearing in my novel.  Any resemblance to real people is coincidental.  


Main image courtesy of Dreamstime.com.  Additional images courtesy of Stocksnap.io.


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