About The Vital Sacrifice Characters – Meet Tina Desai

My sister’s keeper, a friend until the end. . .

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Image courtesy of Dreamstime.comLike a sister from another mother, Tina has always had Teresa’s back.  Just like Teresa, Tina is a career woman who has devoted her life to her career as a fierce attorney.  Unlike Teresa, Tina’s not chasing her happily ever after because she just went through a rotten divorce with her high profile attorney husband, Rodney Dumas.  As a couple, this powerhouse law team never lost a case.  They both made a sport out of kicking ass in the courtroom, representing high celebrity clients in some of the most impossible cases imaginable and winning.  Now she and her ex are on the opposite side of the fences.  She is no longer representing high-class clients and instead has turned her attention to those whom she believes needs her most — those who are innocent but can’t secure quality attorneys.

Image courtesy of Dreamstime.comTina is Teresa’s rock and when Teresa’s world starts to go haywire, Tina is the voice of reason that keeps Teresa on her toes.  Best friends until the end, just as they pledged in high school, is what these women prove to be.  And even when Teresa’s extreme highs and lows start to place a strain on their friendship, Tina stands by the sister that she never had until she is back to her old self.

 The Vital Sacrifice, a Paranormal Romance Novel by M. L. Childs


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Disclaimer – These are stock image and fictitious descriptions of characters contained within my novel. These descriptions are not about the people in the image.  The image and the description serve to get readers better acquainted with the main characters appearing in my novel.  Any resemblance to real people is coincidental.  




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