3 Little Things That Make a Huge Difference With Manifestation

Have you been struggling with receiving your manifestations and would like to have some tips on boosting your manifesting power? Here are three important things you can do to improve your manifesting power.

Avoid Negative People

This may seem a bit cliche but birds of a feather flock together. If you have people around you who aren’t getting anywhere in life and you continue to keep hanging around them, you will not be able to easily manifest what you are seeking. Even if you aren’t telling the naysayers your dreams, they can still kill your spirit talking about negative stuff all the time. You will need to minimize involvement with such people or simply get them out of your life.

Including Yourself in Vision Boards

If you use vision boards, chances are you put everything on the board but your own self. This keeps you in the mode of always being on the outside looking in. From now on, take photos of yourself and put them in strategic places on your vision board. Do you plan to visit Paris one day? Awesome. Find an image of the Eiffel Tower and an image of yourself and put them on your vision board. Do you want to own a Porche one day? Great. Cut out an image of a Porche and put an image of you on the vision board standing next to it. This small change gets you inside the action and helps you mentally envision yourself being a part of your dreams before they happen.

Speaking About Things As If They Are Already Done

Here is another great thing to do that I borrowed from Neville Goddard. He often points out that you have to “act as if” you already have something you really want. So, if you want something, start thinking about it in the past tense as if it is already achieved. If you don’t want to appear crazy to others, you can keep the thing that you claim you already have to yourself. It would be best to do that anyway because you don’t want their hater energy interfering with the outcome. When you think about things that you want from now on, stop desperately yearning for them and instead confidently accept them as already part of your accomplishments. This can help speed up the manifestation and reduce the desperate energy that only pushes the thing you want badly away from you.

How do you feel about these three simple techniques to enhance manifestation? Share your viewpoint in the comments section.

Disclaimer: This blog article is the opinion of the author. It is not meant to take the place of professional advice.

Image of someone receiving their blessings courtesy of 72190180 © Nikki Zalewski | Dreamstime.com

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