Characterization in the Book Marketing Process


Every writer knows how effective characterization is during the writing process but who has ever tried to use it during the marketing process?

I have recently been playing around with the idea of continuing characterization into the marketing process.  Using characterization during the marketing process allows fans to learn more about my characters’ lovable personalities.

One way that I do this is by creating make-believe identities for the characters using Pinterest.  Each of my main characters have a Pinterest board that includes what they like to do or like to wear or like to eat.  This allows fans to gain more insight into the personalities of the characters in my books — things that I can’t explain during the story because it would serve as TMI or “too much information.”  Creating a Pinterest board for them allows the characters to have personalities of their own and creates an interactive experience between the characters and the readers.  The characters “share” their favorite things which allows for fans to engage with the characters.  This interactive experience works well because Pinterest is not only digital display board but also a social media marketing tool that is able to lead followers to the boards I’ve created and eventually to the website I have listed on the Pinterest page and finally to my book sales page which is the ultimate end goal.

Below is an example of how one of my Pinterest boards looks for my character Anwar.  You can also click here to see more samples on my Pinterest page.

From the cover image above and the image below, a reader can discern that this character is into historical topics, particularly those related to Turkey.  I also created a blurb about the character which also includes his zodiac sign and other things about him that the book may not readily reveal.


Another way that I use characterization during the book marketing process is by creating a blog for my characters in which they are given voices.  I am essentially still the writer behind the character but so that fans have more variety from my blog, I allow my characters to speak about things that interest them.  These things are usually an extension of the issues associated with the character within the book.  Below are sample bio pages for the characters that reveal what they write about in the blog.

Also, below is a sample of a portion of a blog for one of my character’s, Matthew Larken who is a chef in the book and therefore writes blog articles about food.



As writing and publishing continues to change, so will the marketing strategies associated with book marketing.  It is no longer enough to be able to tell readers “Read my book because it is so good!”  That’s been everyone’s spiel for many years.   Social media is making visual interpretation much easier for just about every market and the writing industry too will become much more visual as it pertains to the marketing process.

What do you think about this technique and what other techniques are you using to encourage book marketing?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.  Also, join my Facebook group where we discuss and exchange information about book marketing.

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