The Vital Sacrifice

Fast cars. Hot babes. Plenty of dough.  Tantalizing good looks.   Ali Rahman is the whole package and he makes it his business to flaunt it.  If there were trophies for ‘Ladies Man of the Year,’ he would’ve racked up several dozen of them by now.  So why has he recently become so obsessed with another man’s fiancé?

While Ali is on one of his routine business trips in Milan, Italy, he comes across a photo of the beautiful, famous singer, Teresa McMillan, who also happens to be in Milan on a concert tour.  She resembles his former lover and her picture conjures happy memories of their past together. The obsession begins.  He has to have this woman in his life.  He doesn’t care that she is spoken for already and he doesn’t care that she has no idea who he is nor does she recall their past relationship.

The pursuit is on to take back what he believes is rightfully his but the Order of semi-immortals that he has pledged his life to is not having it.  Ali knows damn well that he has to play by the rules that they all live by and Teresa doesn’t factor into his future the way that he wants her to.  His comrades will protect the Order at all costs, even if it means someone has to die.

Get on board as the stakes rise and death makes its way to Teresa’s doorstep disguised as a gorgeous stranger.


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