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About The Vital Sacrifice

Teresa McMillan is a renowned singer who has spent most of her life devoted to her career. After decades of achieving monumental success, she now finds herself in a mid-life crisis — torn between continuing with her career or putting it aside to focus on building a family with her fiancé, Matthew Larken.

When she is in Italy on her most recent world tour, wealthy, East African business mogul, Ali Rahman, happens to see an image of Teresa in the local newspaper. He can’t believe his eyes when he sees Teresa’s photo; she resembles his former lover that he lost many, many years ago. After seeing this image, it is only a matter of time before he is hot on Teresa’s trail, chasing her halfway around the world.

Ali bursts into Teresa’s life, flipping it upside down. He wants her badly, and he makes it impossible for her to say no. It doesn’t matter that she’s engaged. It doesn’t matter that this woman who looks like his former girlfriend, has no idea who he is. It doesn’t matter that he’s not supposed to fall in love.

Despite all of these obstacles in Ali’s way, when Teresa gets to know him, she starts to feel that there is also something familiar, magnetic, and even otherworldly about him and this connection draws her closer to Ali. Unfortunately, what she doesn’t realize when she is finally lured away from her fiancé, is that Ali is about to submerge her into a dark world — a world where she becomes the bait, or maybe she’s just imagining that she is bait.

Walk the fine line between what’s real and neurotic in, The Vital Sacrifice.



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