The Vital Sacrifice

They say that love conquers all but sometimes, as love triumphs, it can consume the one who desires it the most. 

Ladies can’t resist Ali Rahman.  How could they?  He is single, dapper, business savvy, rich, charming and gorgeous.  Not to mention, his bedroom game is A1 leaving women craving more. But he never gives them more.  As a general rule, he is a ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’ type of guy. He doesn’t intend to be a jackass, but he has to guard a secret about himself and this makes him push women away to avoid commitment.

While Ali is on one of his routine business trips in Milan, Italy, he comes across a photo of the beautiful, famous singer, Teresa McMillan, who also happens to be in Milan on a concert tour.  She resembles his previous lover and her picture conjures happy memories of their past together.  Despite his commitment phobia, Ali has to have this woman even if it means toning down his blasé reputation. But, several obstacles, other than his indifferent modus operandi the ladies, stand in his way, including Teresa’s fiancé, the Order that he pledged his life to, and the fact that Teresa has no idea who he is nor any recollection of their past together.

In spite of the challenges, he sets off to find, keep, and never lose this woman at all costs.  Unfortunately, this pursuit will place him and this woman in a compromising dilemma which will change the course of both of their lives.


The Vital Sacrifice Front Cover

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