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The Vital Sacrifice


When Ali’s father, Malik Abdur Rahman, is training Ali to take over his own role in government, he never could have imagined that his only beloved son is involved in a dark cult.  Malik is a very religious, law-abiding man who wants his son to follow in his footsteps but Ali has other plans.  He pledges allegiance to the Order of Legions of Solomon’s Temple and engages in dark magic that is powerful enough to make them semi-immortal Djinni and catapults him and his clique to the status of public enemy number one.  Malik doesn’t realize that the hunt for the public enemy involves hunting his own son.  When Ali realizes that his father and other government officials want to eliminate him and his crew, they retreat into secrecy in order to avoid conflict and remain “safe.”

This secret nature of the members of the Order becomes their holy grail and no one is able to violate this secrecy, especially Ali who is one of the leaders of the cult.  He knows better than any one of them just how important this vow is.  This is why the co-leaders of the Order, Chi Khan and Anwar, can’t understand why Ali keeps engaging in risky behavior that could expose the cult for who they really are. Ali is falling hard for a woman — a woman that his brothers will have to keep Ali away from yet again.  When Ali lures Teresa from her fiance, she is totally oblivious to the dark world that Ali will immerse her into.  As their steamy romance heats up, the members of the Order prepare to put out that fire and do whatever it takes to protect the sanctity and secrecy of the Order in The Vital Sacrifice.



The Vital Sacrifice Front Cover

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