Promotional ad for The Missing Link
December 22, 2020

Have you been earnestly practicing the Law of Attraction but not getting results? It could be because you have blockages preventing your deepest desires from manifesting. Fix “the missing link” between your current reality and what you want so that you can start living the life of your dreams. Click this link for more:…

TVS Promotional Ad November 2020
December 11, 2020

Could career success lead to an anxiety disorder that causes delusional thinking?  In Teresa McMillan’s case, it may have. Teresa is quite the perfectionist.  Her desire to be the best has made her a renowned soprano opera singer.  However, her fascination with grandeur has sent her life into a tailspin – unable to distinguish between…

Promotional Ad for The Vital Sacrifice by M. L. Childs
October 9, 2020

“It’s like Dracula meets Phantom of the Opera but the main dark character is a genie” If you really want to know what The Vital Sacrifice is like, the phrase above is the best way to put it. This supernatural fiction novel follows the life of a world renowned opera singer who has a strange…

The Missing Link Book Cover
August 13, 2020

The world has officially collapsed due to this Covid-19. There are so many people whose lives have been left in shambles, and we are all left, not knowing exactly how to move forward. The new normal is here, and now we are charged with the responsibility of picking up the pieces. The Law of Attraction…

TVS main character collage.
July 7, 2020

What interest would a cult of semi-immortal genies have in this woman? Get your copy of this thrilling supernatural fiction novel today!  Click the link below to buy, The Vital Sacrifice.  Don’t forget to follow my blog page and subscribe to my quarterly newsletter to learn about book giveaways and other freebies. Purchasing Options For…

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