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It’s Almost Too Late…


No one has one the Amazon giveaway yet so there is still time to claim your free Kindle copy.  This current giveaway is good until tonight at midnight Pacific standard time.  Click the link below, log into your Amazon account and try for your chance to win.


Get a Free Kindle Copy of The Vital Sacrifice



The Vital Sacrifice Valentine’s Day Promotion



From now until Valentine’s Day, I will be giving away copies of my book, The Vital Sacrifice.  Follow my page to stay abreast of when I will be running paperback and e-book giveaways.    To participate in my curren e-book giveaway click the link below:


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Amazon Book Giveaway for Kindle

Hey fans! In celebration of Halloween, I am running a promotion on Amazon for a chance to win a free copy of my Alpha male paranormal romance novel,  The Vital Sacrifice.  If you want to enter to win, follow this link:

Amazon Kindle Giveaway



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What Will You Be Reading On Halloween Night?

A genie is out of his lamp and he and his companions live among other mortals undetected.  But this genie’s love affair with a mortal woman threatens to unleash the truth about their secret existence — a secret they have protected for many centuries.  Will fraternity or love prevail in “The Vital Sacrifice?”

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