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The title of this post sounds like something too good to be true, but honestly, many of us are starting to realize that the true wealth in life is health. You can have all the riches and possessions in the world, but what’s the use without the health and vitality to enjoy them?

The pandemic awakened me to the fact that I have to put my health first, especially the older I get. Immunity is the first line of defense against any of these diseases out here. And immunity improves by putting better foods and drinks into the body. So I have recently teamed up with various wellness and self-care clients who sell outstanding products designed to help you eat healthier. Let’s take a look at a few below.

Start With Better Water

All we see is a clear drink when we look at water, particularly tap water. Unfortunately, there may be many microscopic items floating around in the water. There could be traces of e-coli, chlorine, mercury, sediments, and pesticides. If you want to take a look at what’s in your local tap water, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) provides a tap water assessment here based on your zip code.

My affiliate partner offers a water filtration system that eliminates over 200 contaminants in your local water supply using their free-standing, gravity-fed system. You don” t have to connect their filter to pipes, nor do you have to plug their system in to make. Simply pour water from any source into the top chamber, and once it reaches the lower section, it is ready to drink. If you are looking for a cleaner water experience from the tap or even with your bottled water, get a Berkey Filter.

Click the image below to go to Berkey Filters’ website. Using the link below allows me to get credit for referring you.

Take Control of Your Water
Avoid Overly Sugary Drinks By Drinking More Tea

Of course, you have probably heard about the adverse effects of soda. But if you haven’t, you may be surprised to know that sodas can damage your teeth, cause you to put on weight, encourage Type 2 diabetes, increase heart disease, and more.

If you already knew this, you probably thought it would be better to switch from sodas to juices. After all, fruit juice is safer because it is made of fruit, right? Unfortunately, you’ll be surprised that many fruit juices are just as bad as sodas. And what’s worse, they don’t even contain fruit. If they do, it’s probably such a slight trace of it that it is not nutritionally valuable. As with soda, fruit drinks can cause health problems, including heart disease, cavities, stroke, and even some forms of cancer.

So what exactly can you drink? Tea. Tea can be a refreshing drink to replace sodas, but many have health benefits. For example, some herbal teas can reduce inflammation, improve the immune system, stimulate brain function, and help with anti-aging. And since it doesn’t have calories, you won’t have to worry about weight gain. That’s why I partnered with the affiliate, Adagio Teas, which makes some delicious teas. They make loose leaf teas, so don’t expect a teabag. You will have to purchase one of their tea makers, or you can shop on Amazon for a tea strainer.

Click the image below to go to Adagio Teas’ website. Using the link below allows me to get credit for referring you.

Try Organic Coffee From Around the World Right to Your Door

I love coffee! I love its smell, and I love sipping it. And more importantly, I love trying different types of coffee from around the world. Additionally, I like my coffee to be as fresh as possible. So, with that in mind, whose coffee do I like to drink? Fresh Roasted Coffee is quickly becoming one of my favorites. They have various choices, including Guatemalan, Columbian (my favorite), Ethiopian, Sumatra, and more. And their roasted coffee is organic, which means it’s grown without pesticides, herbicides, G.M.Os, synthetic fertilizers, or chemical-based fertilizers. So, you can enjoy a much more flavorful, smoother cup of coffee.

Click the image below to go to Fresh Roasted Coffee’s website. Using the link below allows me to get credit for referring you.

Stop the Cravings With Bone Broth and Other Supplements

Have you been adamant about losing weight, but it doesn’t seem like you’re making much progress according to the scale? Let me be the first to let you know that you need to put away the scale. It will drive you crazy, and it is something that can discourage you. I was obsessed with the scale, but the weight wasn’t budging. Clearly, I was losing body fat, and I could see pockets of fat on my body slowly eroding. So, at least for now, I ditched the scale and started focusing on body fat loss, eating better, and exercising. Check out what Healthline says about using the scale when losing weight.

I came across Dr. Kellyann’s bone broth in my pursuit of consuming better foods, supplements, and more. I’ve tasted other bone broths, and I have to say, I like her recipe better. The taste isn’t as intense as most. And I love the fact that she incorporates collagen into her mix, so you don’t have to purchase it separately. She also offers other products that help with weight loss and anti-aging, such as collagen products and lemon sips.

Click the image below to go to Dr. Kelly Ann’s website. Using the link below allows me to get credit for referring you.

Improve the Quality of the Food You Consume

I’ve realized that exercise alone won’t help me achieve my goals in my weight loss and diet improvement journey. The statement “you are what you eat” is accurate. So, if you eat junk food, you will appear and feel unhealthy. The older I get, the more I realize that the things I ate as a youth are not going to cut it if I want to live my life pain-free, or at least minimally painful, in my golden years. It starts now by choosing better food options that reduce inflammation, weight gain, and other problems that result in health issues. This is why I decided to team up with Thrive Market. Not only do they provide you with deliveries straight to your door, but they also provide some of the best foods for your lifestyle, including paleo, keto, vegan, and more.

Click the image below to go to Thrive Market’s website. Using the link below allows me to get credit for referring you.

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This blog article is the opinion of the author. It is not meant to take the place of professional advice.

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Dr. Kellyann

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Berkey Filters

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Adagio Teas

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Nature’s Lab

Do you want a proactive approach to health? Nature’s Lab can help you improve your health one capsule at a time.

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Thrive Market

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Winged Wellness

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