M.L. Childs Feng Shui Tip – Health Corner – August 2020

One of the things that I have been focused on more this year than ever has been my health. With all the contagious diseases spreading around the world, this is why this topic has come front and center in my life.

Speaking of the center, the health Bagua is located in the center of the map and will be somewhere in the home center. Improvements in this area of the home will improve overall health and balance.

The one addition I recommend in order to improve the feng shui of your home this month is a house plant, preferably in a terra cotta vase. Nurturing the health of the plant will get you in the habit of caring for another living thing’s health and well-being, which will improve your attitude toward your health and your family’s health. This ritual is a metaphysical improvement, but a more realistic improvement to your health will be breathing in more oxygenated air from the plant (as long as you are not allergic to the plant).

Try this change. Then, come back next month and comment on how this Feng Shui improvement is manifesting change in your life. By then, I will have another improvement for you to try.

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