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Have you earnestly been practicing the Law of Attraction but hardly see the results you want? Welcome to the club…

Why Can’t You Manifest?

I remember when I first watched the movie, The Secret, I was so inspired to start manifesting that I immediately got to work on my vision board. I put all kinds of awesome things on it and began to focus on bringing my desires to me. What happened after I did this? A whole lot of nothing.

Or to be fair, it was a little bit of something. But I wanted the gusto! The big house, the fancy car, the unbelievably amazing significant other. Either I attracted kibbles and bits or I didn’t attract a darn thing.

“What the heck was going wrong?” I’d ask myself constantly. I would read all of these testimonials about people who were successfully getting what they wanted and I wasn’t getting diddley squat. Or, if I did get something, it was a nightmare. I came to the conclusion that I was cursed or even if it wasn’t this bad, something definitely was wrong. But what the heck was keeping me from manifesting?

Are You Cursed?

Well, I realized that even when you are in earnest and you are doing all the right things to attract what you want, there are still things that can block your manifestation powers that do actually feel like a curse. For some of us out here, we have a lot of metaphysical gunk in the way of achieving our desires. We are doing the right things that should bring us our desires. However, spiritual clean up needs to take place before we can truly start to receive the things we believe we deserve. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have anything to do with you per se. There could be what some refer to as generational curses that have to be lifted before you can start to practice the Law of Attraction the way that it is meant to be practiced.

Or Are You Creating Your Own Blocks?

A generational curse doesn’t mean that someone has actually hexed your life or your family. But, it does mean that there are probably things that your family has always done traditionally that is blocking your ability to achieve your desire. You could also be blocking your own blessings with the negative information you allow into your mind regularly. How could you manifest positive results if you are constantly gossiping or divulging in negative behaviors? Law of Attraction is still working but it’s probably bringing results that you don’t want because your aura is ratcheted up with all kinds of negative input.

The Missing Link – Building the Bridge From Your Current Circumstances to Your Future delves into what things can be going wrong from a metaphysical point of view. It then offers solutions to remove these blockages so that you can get on with having the life you have always desired.

Are you ready to discover the missing link to you acquiring your desires? Purchase your copy of this 30-minute e-book today.

The Missing Link Book Cover

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