M.L. Childs Writer Book Promotion – The Vital Sacrifice

His Wish is Not Her Command…

Ali Rahman’s obsession with the famous celebrity, Teresa McMillan, begins after seeing her photo in the newspaper. Now, he aims to lure her into his life without revealing that he is a genie in the flesh…

The woman Ali once loved long ago left him for some unexplained reason. However, it wasn’t the result of foul play or unrequited love.  Rather, it was because someone close to him is sabotaging his romantic desires. Anwar isn’t jealous of Ali. He only wants to maintain the ranks in the secret Order that they all pledged their lives to since the 12th century.

In the present-day, Teresa, a woman who resembles Ali’s lost love, reignites passion he can’t contain. Teresa isn’t aware of their past, but how could she be? She isn’t semi-immortal like Ali. Once again, love clouds his judgment, and Anwar will have to remove her from his life. This time, physical separation may not be enough to keep these two from each other.

Immerse yourself into this titillating tale of unbridled desire and forbidden love. Feel the true meaning of the words “till death do us part” as one man tirelessly pursues his one true love in The Vital Sacrifice.  

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