Visual representation of Anwar Mamluk, character in The Vital Sacrifice
October 8, 2020

Meet one of the leaders of the Order of Solomon’s Temple, Anwar Mamluk. Like Ali, he has lived for nearly a thousand years and he is a blue genie. Anwar was born and raised in Turkey and spent his former years as a mercenary. He’s a ladies’ man extraordinaire. He loves the finer things in…

Visual representation of Matthew Larken, character in The Vital Sacrifice
October 7, 2020

Meet Teresa McMillan’s fiance, Matthew Larken. He is an extraordinary chef who owns his own catering business in New York. He rubs elbows with some of the best chefs in the business, including a few reality TV chefs. Matthew is Rodney Dumas’ friend. They both grew up in Washington D.C. in low-income areas but went…

Visual representation of Teresa McMillan, character in The Vital Sacrifice
October 6, 2020

Meet the co-star of the novel, Teresa McMillan. She is a renowned soprano opera singer who has braced the cover of many opera magazines and sold out opera houses around the world. Teresa is a perfectionist who delivers a great performance every time and her fans love it. Her glorious voice has also attracted the…

Visual representation of Ali Rahman, character in The Vital Sacrifice
October 5, 2020

Meet the star of the novel, Ali Rahman. Ali is part man part blue genie (djinn). He has lived on earth nearly a thousand years but still looks like he’s forty years old. Ali was born and raised in Egypt during the time of the Third Crudsade. His father, Malik Rahman, was a vizier in…

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