What If This Life Were a Pact That You Made Before Being Born…

ATLANTA – Written by M.L. Childs, CEO, Author, Screenwriter, Copywriter, Blogger and Historian

Very few of us are able to wake up to our dream careers or our dream lives. Many of us wake up to pain of daily struggle, grinding each day harder and harder to make a living. Would it be a tough pill to swallow if I were to tell you that we chose the life that we are living before we came to this earth?

I know some of you have tapped right into your cognitive dissonance and have assumed that I am a crazy person for asking a question like that. “She has got to be nuts, so I’m going to leave this page right now,” is probably what you are thinking to yourself. But, before you click that button to leave, hear me out. I know this is a challenging concept to accept. After all, who would choose a life of hardship, lack, pain and suffering? Why don’t we all just come to earth prepared to live the good life?

Take a stroll with me through this unusually creative mind of mine as I explain to you this alternative reality.

Do you recall the movie The Matrix when humans were described as batteries? Think about that for a second. What does a battery do? It is the energy needed to make a machine work. Without batteries or electricity, the machine doesn’t work. So, all of us are technically born onto earth as batteries, simply energizing other people’s dreams with our toil and hard work and energy so that the “machine” can work.

Now think about The Matrix scene where Neo was “birthed” into his new life after swallowing the red pill. He then had the power to remove himself from the matrix at will by merely “unplugging.”

So what does the point of this article have to do with the movie? The point is, just like Neo, we have more control over our fate than our circumstances make us believe we do. If we consciously unplug from the matrix like Neo did, we can connect with our spiritual family and regain the autonomy that we had before coming to this planet.

What if before we were born, we met with our spiritual guides and were given a set of scenarios also known as life paths. All are riddled with hardships, pain and struggle; however, if we can learn to tap into our own power by rising above being “batteries” in the human world, we will have figured out the meaning of life and will be rewarded with the good life. But keep in mind, we will have every temptation, every opposing force, and death threats lurking around every corner ready to force us back into the “battery” lifestyle. But if we don’t cave in, we are promised a form of heaven on this earth and a certain level of autonomy with our own energy so we don’t have to rely on the machine to survive. What if we make this pact with our spiritual team before being born, but the catch is, we forget all of this during the birthing process. Only through awakening throughout our lifetime can this reconnection to our life’s purpose be realized and executed. Otherwise, suppose we never reconnect to that higher dimension within. In that case, we will remain a “battery” powering the system and waste away at the hands of every form of self-destruction available to us on earth.

What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments section.

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