Word of the Month – I’m Tired

Do you know what one of my favorite phrases used to be? “I’m tired!” I’d say it all the time because I was tired. Little did I know that this one phrase was the one thing that was keeping me sleepy all the time. It’s so easy to say certain words and phrases. But as you know from my previous posts on how words influence us, this phrase influenced me to always be tired.

Instead of Saying “I’m Tired,” Use Words that Inspire Action

When you’re sleepy, it’s easy to keep thinking about how exhausted you are. Ultimately, constantly reflecting on sleepiness lulls you back to sleep. This is no good when you need as much energy as possible to get your work done throughout the day.

What I’ve had to learn to do, no matter how sleepy I am, is psyche myself out to believe that I’m not tired. First, it started with refusing to use the words “I’m tired” anymore. Instead, even when I feel exhausted, I tell myself that “I’m full of energy.” Or “I am the epitome of fun and excitement.” It didn’t work right away. But eventually, I changed my mindset from one that is always tired to one that is choc full of energy. Now, I go to sleep at night and get plenty of restful sleep. I also have much more energy than sluggishness.

If you are a busy person and can’t afford to keep letting nap time invade your space throughout the day, consider changing your internal and external dialogue. Even when you feel groggy, try to use action words that inspire you to be full of zest. It will be difficult at first because your mind will feel like you are nuts. But you have to take control and force your mind and body to stop this unnecessary sleepiness throughout the day. Start to reprogram your mind toward activity rather than continuing to lull it to sleep.

Review Last Month’s Vocabulary

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