History Writing

History With A Dramatic Spin

I fell in love with history when I was in high school. I was formally trained in history research when I was in undergraduate school, and over the years, I have written for history publications. I love history, but I admit it can be a dry topic, which probably scares most people from it. As a historical writer, my goal is to infuse history with a little bit of drama to make it more tasteful for today's audiences.

This page is a compilation of research on topics that intrigue me. I'm in the process of researching these topics on spec for magazine articles, journal articles, books, or documentaries. 

You are probably wondering why I chose these topics. I have recently become intrigued with the history of the Wild West. I'm from the Midwest, but I didn't realize as a youth how much my state was involved in the frontier expansion. Now that I'm older, this topic excites me, and I am learning about things associate with my home state. 

Spanish history fascinates me because I believe that conflicts brewing on the Iberian peninsula created a domino effect in world events that led us to where we are today. 

The Mongols interest me because they seemed to be an anomaly, neither influenced by the religion of Christianity or Islam but fighting for domination and control at a time when the Crusades encompassed these two major groups. I often wonder what the guiding force was for their desire to become a dominant force in the region.  

The priests, secret societies, and the mafia intrigue me because they are so secretive and masculine. I often wonder how these organizations have survived so long in secret, and this wonderment entices me to research them. 

Concerning the local history topics, I chose them either because I'm fascinated because I've learned about these topics while researching my genealogy or because I came across them doing other historical research over the years.  

If visiting this webpage because you are a history blog, magazine, journal, or documentary maker who wants to review my research to consider me for inclusion in your project, send me details about your project using the contact form.


General History Subject Matter
  • Jesse James
  • Nat Love
  • Annie Oakley
  • King Menelik I
  • Moors of Spain
  • Spanish Inquisition
  • Crusades
  • The Khan Dynasty of the Mongolian Empire
  • Druids Priests
  • Jesuit Priests
  • Secret Societies
  • La Cosa Nostra
Localized History Subject Matter
  • Scott Joplin and Ragtime in Missouri
  • Masonic Influences and the Arch
  • The Great Locomotive Chase
  • Battle of Pickett’s Mill
  • Salem Witch Trials
  • Choctow Indians of Mississippi
  • Candomble in Bahia, Brazil