You Should Know About This Herb – Ginger Root

I know that most people only know about ginger because they have heard of ginger ale. Or they may know of ginger because they have tasted it in Asian stir-fry dishes.

But did you know that this herb is not just something used to flavor soda or food?

I have found out that ginger has a very powerful effect on fighting viruses in the body. Late last year, my daughter became sick with a virus that affected her skin. It was terrifying to see her skin break out like this, and as a mother, I wanted to make this disease go away quickly. I took her to the doctor and the doctor told me that there was nothing he could prescribe to eliminate the disease and it wasn’t contagious. He said that her immune system would have to fight it off naturally and it could take a couple of months to recover.

After leaving the doctor’s office, the skin flare-up got progressively worse. I found myself staring at her in disbelief, almost wanting to cry and she would say that I was making her feel bad. As a mother, I didn’t want her to feel bad because me and other people were staring at her. So, I had to take action because I couldn’t stand the thought of seeing this disease continuing to mar her beautiful skin.

I had heard of antibiotics to quell bacterial infections, but my daughter had a virus, so I had to research antiviral medicine. My internet searches returned results on drugs that only could be prescribed by doctors for major illnesses; but, I already knew that the doctor wasn’t going to give her medicine for this disease. So I started searching for options that were natural herbal remedies. I found that garlic and ginger were two great options for fighting off viral infections. My daughter didn’t like the taste of garlic because it was too harsh on the palate, so we opted for the ginger. I used a cold pressed ginger juice drink and to my surprise, the disease started to reverse itself in about 48 hours. I continued with the juice for a week and her skin disorder cleared up and her skin was beautiful again.

It was at this point that I realized that ginger is a powerful herb. I still have no idea what is in it that reversed the effects of the virus, but I was genuinely grateful for it.

What are your experiences with ginger? Respond in the comment section below.

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