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What Will You Be Reading On Halloween Night?

A genie is out of his lamp and he and his companions live among other mortals undetected.  But this genie’s love affair with a mortal woman threatens to unleash the truth about their secret existence — a secret they have protected for many centuries.  Will fraternity or love prevail in “The Vital Sacrifice?”

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The Vital Sacrifice


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A top member of a secret brotherhood becomes obsessed with a celebrity but his fellow members aren’t having it…

There is secret fraternal order that exists for the sole purpose of indulging in the greatest pleasures of life.

Chi Khan, Anwar Mamluk and Ali Rahman have traded in their humdrum past lives to join the Order of Legions of Solomon’s Temple.  Formed in the 12th century, men who become members of this fraternal order have the best of everything at their disposal including money, power and women galore.  The pretentiousness and braggadocio of these alpha males is over the top but it is justified because they are a superior group of men.

With such a lavish life guaranteed by membership to this secret society, why would one of its top members risk his power and prestige all because of his obsession with the famous singer, Teresa McMillan?  This relationship – which is forbidden in the first place – could unveil their secret existence and potentially leave them open to all out war with all of the military establishments of the world.

A fraternal order, hundreds of years in the making, is in jeopardy of crumbling at the foundation because of one member’s failure to maintain protocol in order to protect the egocentric desires of the entire brotherhood.

The Vital Sacrifice Front Cover

The Vital Sacrifice, an Alpha male paranormal romance

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