M. L. Childs

Helping Businesses Become The Hero In Their Own Brand Story

An overcrowded digital marketplace is making it difficult to garner the attention your small business needs to succeed. On top of this, either you send clients a message that doesn’t resonate with them or send clients the right message, but you aren’t vocal enough. As a writer, I don’t tell your story for you. Instead, I help you become the hero of your own story by using words to align your mission with the right clientele and allow your mission to reverberate through the proper channels for your business - channels that will return on your investment.

In the end, your brand will emerge as the victor, having more clients that are interested in purchasing what you have to offer.

My Bio

Why do I write? I will provide two answers to this question – an external one and an internal one. First, I write is because it’s written in the stars. Yes, I am a Gemini, and communicate is what we do. So, it is no wonder that I stumbled upon this path. This is the external reason.

Now, to the internal reason – I have a deep desire to create a world in which I am happy to live. So many people live in a world made for them that they have no control over. Hence, they are not happy and are slaves to their existence. Writing is my escape, and I use my craft to help myself and others create a happier world for themselves. I do it with my skill of writing books, blogging, copywriting, screenwriting, and history writing.

My journey has been difficult, but I am learning to live passionately and vivaciously through my craft. If you are a client or a fan that joins me on this journey - by using my writing services or reading my books - I hope your world will become as fulfilling as mine is becoming every day.



M.L. Childs was inspired to write The Vital Sacrifice after countless hours of listening to history lectures in undergraduate school that were devoid of drama. The Vital Sacrifice fuses fiction, history, fantasy and drama together to create a paranormal tale that re-introduces the Western world to the Eastern concept of the genie.

The Vital Sacrifice can be best described as "Dracula meets The Phantom of The Opera" only the main character is a black genie.


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M.L. Childs was inspired to write The Missing Link after many years of becoming frustrated with practicing the Law of Attraction and failing at it over and over again. The Missing Link hones in on the ‘believe and receive’ part of the Law of Attraction and pinpoints how to keep the faith through this very challenging part of the manifestation phase.



I always had a desire to write since I was a little girl. In elementary school, my writing lab teacher, Ms. Cherry, encouraged my skill and offered me my first thesaurus. She also acted as my first literary agent, sharing my “work” with anyone who cared to look at it. I got my first break at the 5th-grade graduation when my principal read one of my poems to the graduating class. I knew then that I had a skill that could change the world, and it has stuck with me until this day.


  • African American History
  • Screenwriting For Television and Film
  • Family and My Two Children
  • Passion for Writing


I always had a desire to write and started to pursue my writing career more seriously after college, developing myself both a book writer and CEO of my own writing company.

Exploring Life

In my free time I enjoy exploring pursuits such as cooking, trivia games, reading, exercising and roller skating.


I’ve had the pleasure of acting as a freelance writer for many online blogs and print magazines.