M. L. Childs

CEO, Author, Screenwriter, Copywriter, & Historian

Welcome to my bio page.  I am Melisha Childs - pseudonym  M.L. Childs - and I am the author of The Vital Sacrifice I and IIThe Missing Link – Building the Bridge From Your Current Circumstances to Your Future, and On The Doorstep of Fame - Welcoming the Film Industry to Atlanta, Georgia.


My Bio

Why do I write? Well, I will provide two answers. One is because it’s written in the stars. Yes, I am a Gemini and communicate is what we do. So, it is no wonder that I stumbled upon this path.

Now, on to the answer you are really waiting on – the one in which I tell you that I lived a life of struggle, pain, and love and eventually poured my heart out on paper. Sorry, I don’t have an answer like that for you. Why? Because I’m a Gemini and we live in our minds, not in our hearts; so, I just don’t have a story like that to tell you.

I will tell you this – I do feel love and pain like everyone else. I just have a hard time showing it. So, part of my writing goal has been to bridge the gap between what’s going on in my head and my heart.  The other part of my writing goal is to make a lot of money and fame, but that’s every writer’s ambition, so I don’t need to be redundant.

This journey has been difficult, but I am learning to live passionately and vivaciously through my craft. I not only want to improve my life but also the lives of others – one word at a time. I hope that you will join me on this journey and may your life be as fulfilled as mine is becoming every day.


M.L. Childs was inspired to write The Vital Sacrifice after countless hours of listening to history lectures in undergraduate school that were devoid of drama. The Vital Sacrifice fuses fiction, history, fantasy and drama together to create a paranormal tale that re-introduces the Western world to the Eastern concept of the genie.

The Vital Sacrifice can be best described as "Dracula meets The Phantom of The Opera" only the main character is a black genie.


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M.L. Childs was inspired to write The Missing Link after many years of becoming frustrated with practicing the Law of Attraction and failing at it over and over again. The Missing Link hones in on the ‘believe and receive’ part of the Law of Attraction and pinpoints how to keep the faith through this very challenging part of the manifestation phase.



I always had a desire to write since I was a little girl. In elementary school, my writing lab teacher, Ms. Cherry, encouraged my skill and offered me my first thesaurus. She also acted as my first literary agent, sharing my “work” with anyone who cared to look at it. I got my first break at the 5th-grade graduation when my principal read one of my poems to the graduating class. I knew then that I had a skill that could change the world, and it has stuck with me until this day.


  • African American History
  • Screenwriting For Television and Film
  • Family and My Two Children
  • Passion for Writing


I always had a desire to write and started to pursue my writing career more seriously after college, developing myself both a book writer and CEO of my own writing company.

Exploring Life

In my free time I enjoy exploring pursuits such as cooking, trivia games, reading, exercising and roller skating.


I’ve had the pleasure of acting as a freelance writer for many online blogs and print magazines.