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Do you believe in the existence of a soul mate? Would you abandon the one that you are supposed to marry, believing that a stranger is your one true love?

Teresa and Ali were going about their own individual lives; that is until Ali saw a photo of Teresa in a newspaper. Her picture reignited in Ali a passion that he couldn’t contain. Ali didn’t believe it — she looked exactly like his long lost love. However, he had to meet her in person to know for sure that it was her. 

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Building the Bridge From Your Current Circumstances to Your Future

Everyone is talking about manifestations and law of attraction to get what you want out of life. But is it working for you?

I’ll admit, the law of attraction works. Even when you think it’s not working and you give up all hope, somehow it mysteriously works. For some, it seems to work just as they want it to work; however. Why is it so difficult for others? For me, The Law of Attraction used to always fizzle out somewhere between the “believe and receive” stage of manifestation. I refer to this stage as “The Missing Link.” What is happening here and why do people fail this part of the Law of Attraction stage?

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Sacrilege fated him to eternal damnation – that is
– until the destiny of humanity is on the line.

The Vital Sacrifice II

Book Launch Coming on
October 1, 2020

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M.L Childs

CEO, Author, Screenwriter, Copywriter, & Historian

M. L. Childs is the author of  the supernatural fiction duology, The Vital Sacrifice. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in history from Spelman College and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. She was inspired to write The Vital Sacrifice after countless hours of listening to history lectures that were devoid of drama.

Today, M. L. Childs resides in Metro Atlanta - home to the multi-billion dollar film industry - where she is developing her skills as a screenwriter