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Sometimes nightmares are a gateway that can bring haunting things back with us...

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Building the Bridge From Your Current Circumstances to Your Future

Everyone is talking about manifestations and law of attraction. But is it working for you? The law of attraction works. For some, it seems to work just as they want it to work; however, why is it so difficult for others? For me, the law of attraction used to always fizzle out somewhere between the “believe and receive” stage of manifestation. I refer to this stage as “The Missing Link.”

What is happening here and why do people fail the "believe and receive" part of the Law of Attraction stage?
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Sacrilege fated him to eternal damnation – that is
– until the destiny of humanity is on the line.

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M.L Childs

Entrepreneur & Author

Mel Childs (pseudonym M. L. Childs) is the author of  the supernatural fiction duology, The Vital Sacrifice I and II, The Missing Link – Building the Bridge From Your Current Circumstances to Your Future, and On The Doorstep of Fame - Welcoming the Film Industry to Atlanta, Georgia.

She loves writing fiction and non-fiction books that explore various esoteric subjects, including secret societies, paranormal occurrences, and alternative healing.