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Opera diva Teresa McMillan has obsessed fan, Ali Rahman, hot on her trail.  He he chases her around the world just to get the opportunity to be with her — believing her to be his lost love from many lifetimes ago.

But is the fatigue Teresa is experiencing from her recent tour causing her to imagine a love affair with this complete stranger?  Or did this encounter really happen?

Get your copy of The Vital Sacrifice and find out what’s really going on.



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Everyone is talking about manifestations and Law of Attraction to get what you want out of life.  But is it working for you?

The law of attraction works.  Even when you think it’s not working and you give up all hope, somehow it mysteriously works.  For some, it seems to work just as they want it to work; however.  Why is it so difficult for others?   For me, The Law of Attractions used to always fizzle out somewhere between the “believe and receive” stage of manifestation.  I refer to this stage as “The Missing Link.”   What is happening here and why do people fail this part of the Law of Attraction stage?

This book reveals why the Law of Attraction may not be working for you and how to use certain techniques to start to see manifestations solidify in your life.


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Sacrilege fated him to eternal damnation – that is – until the destiny of humanity is on the line.

Book Launch Coming in October 2021


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Welcoming the Film Industry to Atlanta, Georgia

The State of Georgia is not a new player in the world of film. However, it has been gaining much traction in recent years and as a result it has surpassed some of the strongest players in the business of film production. For those that are interested in film, this book is a peak into what’s unfolding in film in Atlanta, Georgia. It also serves as a relocation guide for those want to move here to pursue careers in film production.

Your 'passport' to film developments in Atlanta, Georgia"

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