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My name is Mel, and I specialize in creating heroes in the world of fantasy.
I also create heroes in real life.

In addition to being an author, I am a freelance writer who crafts alluring content and
copy that helps clients stand out in the crowded digital marketplace.

Are you ready to read about the heroes I craft in fiction or become a real-life hero of your brand?

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Escape the clutches of the mundane with the turn of a page…


If it weren’t for his fascination with her, then the world wouldn’t know about their secret cult.  Desire has a way of making a fool out of many men and he stands to sacrifice it all just to have her. Barnes & Noble Google Play Nubian Bookstore MEDU Bookstore

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Everyone is talking about manifestations and Law of Attraction to get what you want out of life.  But is it working for you?

You may be having trouble manifesting because you are an empath or a highly sensitive person. Read the book description on My Books page to learn more… Barnes & Noble Google Play

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Sacrilege fated him to eternal damnation – that is – until the destiny of humanity is on the line.

Book Launch Coming Soon
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Welcoming the Film Industry to Atlanta, Georgia

The State of Georgia is not a new player in the world of film. However, it has been gaining much traction in recent years and as a result it has surpassed some of the strongest players in the business of film production. For those that are interested in film, this book is a peak into what’s unfolding in film in Atlanta, Georgia. It also serves as a relocation guide for those want to move here to pursue careers in film production.

Your 'passport' to film developments in Atlanta, Georgia"

M.L. Childs
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