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Having a fantastic website is more than putting words and images on pages. You need great content that is SEO optimized so that potential clients can find you. Luckily, I am a creative writer who knows how to craft content and copy that makes my clients heroes. So, contact me, and we can get started today!

I outsource my writing services through digital marketing agencies and directly to small businesses and individuals. To make clients' marketing copy more engaging, I apply inbound methods. For example, I create blog articles, website copy, and social media post copy.

My primary niche is home improvement. I write articles and copy for contractors and DIYers. Some DIY and contractor sites feature my work such as, and for various contractor clients for Aside from these niches, I also write for home services, pest control, legal, medical, and other professional services niches.

Are you ready to become your client's hero in a "tale" tailored to your business? To utilize my writing services, fill out the contact form explaining your writing needs, timeline, and budget. You can expect a response from me within 1-2 days. Please submit all other inquiries may using the contact form on this page.




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"Providing high concept, written content tailored for niche audiences that result in value-added customer engagement."

Latrodectus Entertainment, LLC is the publisher for my books and scripts. If you have any inquiries about my books or scripts, send them to the address below:

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