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Welcome to the charitable giving page of my business

A major part of my career is giving back to organizations that I believe in and ensuring that I make a difference in the community. I encourage you to take a look at some of the organization that I contribute to and donate to them or volunteer your time to them.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

This charity is one of my favorites.  I lost a friend to this disease — a friend who helped me to develop the main character in my book, Teresa.  Susan Asbjornson, was a kind, beautiful soul who is gone too soon.  I love this organization and I would like to ask that you consider helping to find a cure by donating to them today!  Learn more by reading Susan Asbjornson's In Memoriam.
Susan Asbjornson Photo
No Kid Hungry

When I found out about this charity, it literally brought tears to my eyes. I had never thought about how many children are living with very little food to eat. For some children, the meals that they eat at school are their only real access to nutritional meals. I love this mission of this organization in trying to provide food to children during holidays, summer breaks, and various other times that school isn’t in session. Please consider donating to them today!
Meals on Wheels

As I age, I realize that someday, I may become someone who has little help and assistance when I get older. This particular organizations touches my heart because I realize that there are some elderly people who can’t do simple tasks such as feed themselves. Please consider donating your money or time to this organization today!
St. Jude’s

I have been giving to this organization for many years because I hold it dear to my heart. It saddens me to see people dying from cancer but I am even more saddened by children who suffer from this disease. Please consider donating to this organization today!
Next Step Education Foundation

I, like many of you, have children that are approaching college years.  They will most likely need help preparing for college admission.  One organization that I admire is Next Stop Education Foundation led by Brannon Jones who was featured in the article I wrote for Black EOE Journal entitled: Education Enthusiast Creates College Opportunities.  Please consider donating to this organization today!
Baptist Children's Home of North Carolina
As you can see, most of the organizations that I support help children.  Children orphaned due to circumstances out of their control saddens me.  Everyone deserves a loving home environment.  This organizations helps to make this dream possible for children without parents.  They also help with other matters related to family.  Please consider donating to this organization today!
Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking
It hurts my heart to know that in these modern times there are still people being enslaved and trafficked throughout the world. I support this organization's mission as they fight for those who are unable to free themselves. Please consider donating to this organization today!
Cerebral Palsy Guide
Do you have a child with cerebral palsy and are looking for support, more information, and help finding financial assistance? This organization can help you get the resources you need.
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