When Words Aren’t Enough, Express Love With an Engagement Ring From Helzberg Diamonds

You may wonder, “What does this topic have to do with self-improvement?” Love is one of the highest forms of self-actualization you can achieve within yourself. But it is doubly powerful if you can cultivate love with someone else. Do you want to say, “I love you,” and follow it up with an engagement ring? One of the best ways to do this is with a beautiful engagement ring from my affiliate partner, Helzberg Diamonds.

You can count on high quality when buying from my affiliate partner, as this company is a Berkshire Hathaway company. Another benefit to purchasing with my partner is that you can order your ring discreetly from their online marketplace, allowing you to keep your significant other oblivious to your secret. Keep in mind that my partner also offers Affirm, which allows you to pay for the ring in various installment plans for those who qualify.

Here are some great options to consider:

Engagement Ring Option 1

Florence diamond bridal set by Zac Posen – SKU: MTR300

14K White gold and diamonds

A pear or teardrop-shaped diamond such as this one is a more modern style. This ring will offer plenty of bling once it hits the light, so if you want a ring that speaks volumes, this one will. Also, this is a bridal set, which means you will have the actual ring in an elaborate setting and mounting with a second ring that accommodates it, which isn’t as ornate. They both combine to complete the full picture of the ring.

Engagement Ring Option 2

Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire by Prima – SKU: MTR167

14K Yellow gold & a single diamond

An excellent option for traditionalists, solitaires are among the most stunning individual diamonds. This is typically a ring that represents unity or becoming one in a relationship. Based on their shape, solitaires can appear much bigger than they really are. Despite the fact that they are one single diamond, they have maximum bling because of the facets in the ring. As light hits the facets, the brilliance that oozes from the ring provides plenty of shine.

Engagement Ring Option 3

Double Halo Engagement Ring by Light Heart – SKU: MTR478

14K White gold & Diamonds

This is a great choice if you want a ring that will provide maximum sparkle at a reasonable price. Rings in a channel setting like this will provide the bling-bling you want for your loved one. This is also a bridal set.

Engagement Ring Option For Him

Diamond Band – SKU: 2506986

10K White gold and diamonds

Claddagh Wedding Band – SKU: 2656207

Tantalum & Titanium

Roles are changing. So, if you’re looking for a ring for him, then these two are good options. Ideally, the engagement ring should be gold or platinum because you can get a jewelry tech to size the ring up or down. But you may also make your partner happy with a titanium piece. Keep in mind that you will have to order the titanium piece in the size that fits your partner because it can’t be resized like a gold or platinum ring. If the ring is too big because your partner is a half size, you may have to get an insert for the ring to fit properly.

Additional Tips on Shopping for Engagement Rings

Know Your Partner’s Type

What type of rings does your partner like Princess Cut? Marquise? Emerald? Taking a look at your partner’s current rings will allow you to determine the type of cut that is ideal for their engagement ring. If your partner doesn’t wear jewelry, you may be able to discern what your partner likes based on their personality. Do they like gaudy, big things? If so, they may like channel, halo, or cluster-type rings. Do they like minimalism? Then, your partner may adore a ring with a single focal point, such as a princess cut solitaire or marquise.

Get Another One of Your Partner’s Rings Sized

Typically, rings come in a standard size (7 for women and 10 for men) in-store. But keep in mind that some rings can be resized by a jewelry company (particularly the company you bought it from, and it’s not titanium). So, don’t be afraid if you present a ring that doesn’t fit. However, if you really want to wow your partner, you will do some investigating and get one of their favorite rings sized by the jewelry company so you can order the right ring size. You can also buy a ring sizer from my other affiliate partner, Amazon. The pole form of the ring sizer allows you to measure the ring itself. The “key ring” type allows you to place these on your partner’s finger to find out their ring size. Unfortunately, the “key ring” sizer type will give away the fact that you’re ring shopping. So, to be discreet, use the pole and size their actual ring.

Know What Metal Your Partner Likes

Does your partner love yellow gold, platinum, rose gold, or some other metal? You can tell by their current jewelry selection what they may like. If your partner isn’t much of a jewelry lover, you may have to find this out in a subtle way. For instance, you may want to show them various metal necklaces for yourself and ask them how they like them. In asking this question, you may be able to discern the type of metal they like and then choose a metal for them.

Lab Grown vs. Natural

In most cases, the significant difference between the two will be the time it took for the diamond to be made. Natural diamonds take centuries to make and may have flaws that distinguish them. Many like the natural diamond for nostalgic reasons and also because their ring may have identifiers on it, known as inclusions. Lab-grown diamonds may take a few months to form. Rest assured that both are “real” diamonds, but lab-grown diamonds may be cheaper than a similar natural ring.

Are you ready to commit to the perfect ring for your perfect partner? Click the button below to go to my affiliate partner’s website. Type in the SKU number above to go right to the rings above or browse for other options.

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