Everyone is talking about manifestations and Law of Attraction to get what you want out of life.  But is it working for you?

The law of attraction works.  Even when you think it’s not working and you give up all hope, somehow it mysteriously works.  For some, it seems to work just as they want it to work; however.  Why is it so difficult for others?   For me, The Law of Attractions used to always fizzle out somewhere between the “believe and receive” stage of manifestation.  I refer to this stage as “The Missing Link.”   What is happening here and why do people fail this part of the Law of Attraction stage?

This book about manifestation reveals why the Law of Attraction may not be working for you and how to use certain techniques to start to see manifestations solidify in your life. Barnes & Noble Google Play


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The Law of Attraction Does not Work!

If this is what you have been telling yourself after practicing the Law of Attraction – for a long time – then this book is for you.

If there ever were a poster child for failed manifestations, I would have been that poster child. I have watched and read so much about the Law of Attraction that I can recite most of it in my sleep. But for some reason, I always fell short of success somewhere between the “Believe and Receive” stage of manifestation. I refer to this stage as “The Missing Link” because it is here that so many of us give up instead of remaining faithful like the true believers. This is also the part where the miracles start to unfold.

The Missing Link is a book about law of attraction that narrows in on this challenging part of the manifesting process and provides tips on bridging the gap from believing to receiving so that you achieve your deepest desires.



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Remember that saying back in the late nineties – garbage in, garbage out? This statement doesn’t just apply to technology but to us as people, too. If you are absorbing garbage into your mind, you are going to have garbage results in your life. Preventing the subconscious from receiving negativity is the first step; but, next is ensuring that you are not putting garbage back into it."

M.L. Childs

In order to manifest, the body needs to be free of any negativity that may be causing your wants to be repelled from you. Clearing is necessary to remove these invisible inhibitors that may be blocking the path to your destiny."

M.L. Childs

Magnets grow week over time just as the body does. Recharging the magnet improves its attraction power. In the same way, focused energy improves our ability to attract what we want."

M.L. Childs