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Everyone is talking about manifestations and Law of Attraction to get what you want out of life.  But is it working for you?

You may be having trouble manifesting because you are an empath or a highly sensitive person. Read the book description on My Books page to learn more… Barnes & Noble Google Play


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An Empath’s Guide to Manifestation

If you are like me, you are very familiar with the Law of Attraction from many books on the market.  For a long time, I was trying manifestation techniques in those books but not reaching the success that most people have from using these methods. Upon working with a fellow healer and lightworker, I discovered that I am an empath. This is why I wrote The Missing Link.

Empaths are highly sensitive people who can absorb just about anything, including bad energy from others. Many of my manifestations were being blocked because I didn’t realize that my energetic sensitivity allowed things to interfere with my attracting power.

My book, The Missing Link, is specifically aimed at those readers like me who are empaths.  It approaches the manifestation process using a few unconventional methods rarely discussed in other Law of Attraction books. The Missing Link focuses primarily on the “Believe and Receive” portion of the manifestation process. When practicing the Law of Attraction, many of us empaths start to break down at the “Believe and Receive” part of manifestation due to our self-doubt and sensitivity issues.

Are you an empath or some other type of highly sensitive person that keeps having trouble with manifesting the things you want? This short-read eBook shares techniques that allow us to be strong through the “Believe and Receive” stage of Law of Attraction to become more successful at manifesting our desires.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Trenekia Hocker

    The universe has confirmed my every desire and more. Just from this book!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Congratulations and continued success beyond what you may fathom

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Remember that saying back in the late nineties – garbage in, garbage out? This statement doesn’t just apply to technology but to us as people, too. If you are absorbing garbage into your mind, you are going to have garbage results in your life. Preventing the subconscious from receiving negativity is the first step; but, next is ensuring that you are not putting garbage back into it."

M.L. Childs

In order to manifest, the body needs to be free of any negativity that may be causing your wants to be repelled from you. Clearing is necessary to remove these invisible inhibitors that may be blocking the path to your destiny."

M.L. Childs

Magnets grow weak over time just as the body does. Recharging the magnet improves its attraction power. In the same way, focused energy improves our ability to attract what we want."

M.L. Childs