Sacrilege fated him to eternal damnation – that is – until the destiny of humanity is on the line.

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Things are starting to get back to normal for Teresa McMillan – or so she thinks.

Once again she is plagued by terrifying nightmares but this time these dreams aren’t about a mysterious creature.  Instead, they are about a terrifying incident that happened between her and her husband.  Now, he’s awaiting trial.

As she awaits her husband’s trial date, the mystery man from her past reappears in the most unlikely way imaginable.  Now, Teresa is forced to deal with the possibility that this man holds the key to all that is currently unfolding in her life.

Take a seat and prepare to be swept off your feet again by the alluring yet elusive stranger who makes another cameo appearance in Teresa’s life.

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    Fiction / Fantasy / Paranormal
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    Fiction / Romance / Time Travel
    Fiction / Science Fiction / Alien Contact
    Fiction / Science Fiction / Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic
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    After the book release you will be able to purchase The Vital Sacrifice II from Amazon in Paperback, Kindle, and from Google Books.

    *Paperback copies of books will also be available in the following metro Atlanta bookstores: Nubian Bookstore and Medu Bookstore.


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New Characters

Gabriel Larken (Taurus) is the child of Teresa and Matthew. The child is very gifted beyond his years and his advanced skills as a child are remarkable to Teresa but disturbing to Matthew. This prodigy becomes the center of controversy in Part II.

Viktor Brezhnev (Aries) is a Russian former merchant turned business tycoon. His family owned the weaponry business in Russia and once he became a member of the Order, he continued to dabble in this business making a fortune selling handguns, rifles, knives and other deadly weaponry to military leaders and mafia bosses worldwide. He was once a low-ranking member of the Order but that all changes in The Vital Sacrifice Part II.

Mingzhu Liu (Sagittarius) - is the new love interest of Chi Khan. Mingzhu is an actress in China. As a youth, she was forced into a Geisha lifestyle but she eventually married a rich man whom she used to help her escape the Geisha life and build her career in acting. Once she was able to make her own money, she divorced him. Now she is in love with the handsome Chi Khan but can never understand why he doesn't love her back nor does she understand why he never seems to age.

Rodney Dumas (Zodiac - Gemini) is a powerful entertainment attorney who is usually called to the rescue to defend many top notch celebrities. He and his ex-wife were considered the dynamic duo of the legal world but their divorce undermined his ego-centric outlook on life. Despite this loss, he is still touting himself as an African-American attorney that "just can't lose" when it comes to beating cases.