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If it weren’t for his fascination with her, then the world wouldn’t know about their secret cult.  Desire has a way of making a fool out of many men and he stands to sacrifice it all just to have her. Barnes & Noble Google Play Nubian Bookstore MEDU Bookstore



He enters her life through a nightmare. Now she sees him everywhere – at her shows, in a local shop, at her front door. These encounters no longer feel like a coincidence.

Renowned celebrity singer, Teresa McMillan, has a relatively ordinary personal life when she’s not in the limelight surrounded by star-struck fans and paparazzi.

On a recent tour, she has a startling nightmare about a man-like creature chasing her. She dismisses the dream because, after all, it is merely a dream.

Upon finishing up her tour and getting settled back into a routine, she keeps running into a man named Ali Rahman that reminds her of the creature she encountered in her dream. But unlike the creature in her dream, this man is drop-dead gorgeous.

So why does his presence feel like that of the creature?


Shortly after meeting Ali, Teresa can kiss her ordinary private life goodbye. This seemingly innocent, gorgeous stranger belongs to a secret cult that traces its roots back to the 12th century. They thrive using the mysticism of King Solomon and use their powers to get whatever they want.


Now, Ali wants Teresa, and he will stop at nothing to make her his own. She will be lured into his sinister world like a moth to a flame as if he is controlling her every move. Upon realizing the trap she has fallen into, Teresa must escape Ali’s clutches before it is too late.

The Vital Sacrifice is the first book within a duology of occult horror. This novel and its sequel are for those who enjoy reading books about the supernatural and paranormal secret cults.

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    The Vital Sacrifice I read this book straight through. This book will have your attention. The characters are the story will draw you in. A great read love it .

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The Story

A secret society that practices the mysticism of King Solomon has gone under the radar for many years. Now, one member's obsession with a famous celebrity threatens to expose them.


Key Characters

Teresa (Zodiac - Libra) is the star of the novel, in terms of her being the main character and literally an opera star. Despite her fame in the world of opera, she has always considered herself a very ordinary woman and her private life is far more simple than anyone would believe a celebrity's life would be. This changes when Ali Abdur Rahman comes into her life.

Ali Abdur Rahman (Zodiac - Pisces) is an Egyptian business tycoon that lives a very lavish lifestyle. He is a ladies' man in every sense of the word and commitment isn't his thing. He's a love 'em and leave 'em type not because he is a low down, dirty scoundrel. He is harboring a dark secret from his past that can't be known to anyone; but, his obsession with Teresa McMillan threatens to let the secret out.

Anwar Mamluk (Zodiac - Scorpio) is a former Turkish mercenary turned business tycoon. Like Ali Rahman he's a ladies' man that enjoys all the pleasures of life and won't compromise that for anyone, especially not for a woman. He and his other co-leader, Chi Khan, find that they have to keep their brother Ali in line with their cult rules more than they should have to. They are on a mission to save him from the base desire of love that is an emotion that none of them should engage in anyway.

Chi Khan
Chi Khan (Zodiac - Sagittarius) is a Mongol spy and fighter turned business tycoon. Like his fellow cult co-leaders, Ali Rahman and Anwar Mamluk, he is also a ladies' man. He's the more fashion conscious of all three of them. He loves the Asian fashion scene and definitely loves western culture. Most of his wealth comes from the fashion industry and electronic commodities. He has a youthful, playful nature but when it comes to his loyalty to the cult, this is no laughing matter.

The Location

The primary setting for The Vital Sacrifice:

2006 New York - US, Milan - Italy, and Cairo - Egypt.

The settings for the flashback sequences:

15th century Granada, Spain - Kingdom of Boabdil, The Last Muslim King in Spain, 16th Century Castile, Spain - Reign of Joanna the Mad and King Philip, 12th Century Egypt - Kingdom of Salahudin.