New Month, New You – See Your Way to Success With Virtual Vision Boards

You may have heard of vision boards. They are those things that people create to help them attract what they want in life. Some people make vision boards out of cardboard and paste or tape images on the board from magazines and such. I’m sure you are wondering what virtual vision boards are.

Virtual vision boards are very similar to traditional vision boards. The only difference is that it is digital. So, instead of clipping pictures from magazines and pasting them onto cardboard, and displaying them on your wall at home, you can house them on your phone or computer. This type of vision board is much more convenient because:

  1. You can take the image anywhere with you, particularly if it is on your phone.
  2. You can pull images from anywhere in cyberspace and “paste” them digitally to create a more aligned board with what you want.
  3. You can photoshop yourself into the images
Images Are With You At all Times

Let’s talk a little more about each reason why the virtual board is more convenient. For one, it can go anywhere you go. I think this is good because you view your phone all day. So, you can conveniently look at your vision board throughout the day, too. It’s also good to keep it on your phone or computer because you can be more discreet with it. Unfortunately, the haters of the world can rain on your parade if they see your vision board. They can’t do that if only you can see it because it’s on your phone or your private computer.

Plenty of Images to Download From Cyberspace

Another convenient aspect of your virtual vision board is that you don’t have to go looking for magazine articles, photos, or old books to create the board of your dream. You can find images online, copy and paste them into Word or Google Docs, and convert the page into an image that you can store on your phone. There’s no need to cut out anything or glue things together. Also, you will likely find much more images in cyberspace than you can from magazine cutouts.

You Can Put You into The Photos

One of the most incredible things about virtual vision boards is that you can photoshop yourself into the images. If you want a dream home or want to travel to certain places, why not take a photo of yourself and photoshop yourself into those images? This allows you to feel the vision even more because you see yourself in the picture; you’re not just staring at things you want. Remember, a key element to getting what you want even faster is to “act as if” you already have it. What more excellent way to “act as if” than photoshop yourself into the photos enjoying yourself in these places and things?

Try It For Yourself

I encourage you to develop your virtual vision board this month. Put the things in it that you want to acquire over the short-term and long-term into your virtual vision board. Don’t forget to include photos of yourself in the images to make it even more realistic for you. Then, come back and share what your experiences have been in the comments. By then, I will have another mystical technique for success in the next post for New Month, New You.

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