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You may be familiar with my books but I am also a screenwriter in Atlanta, Georgia.  I have been involved in the local film circuit through organizations such as Georgia Production Partnership.  I have also published a book advocating the growth of the local film industry called On The Doorstep of Fame – Welcoming the Film Industry to Atlanta, Georgia. This page welcomes entertainment executives and producers to view view my spec scripts for consideration.  In order to gain access, please request a password by filling out the contact form.

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Move Me to Atlanta - Television Script


"Persuade me to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia."

Relocation teams of two leading real estate agencies in Metro Atlanta compete to sell residential and commercial property to film professionals who are buying an additional home or business in Georgia to take advantage of the film tax credit.

*Registered With Writers Guild of America, East, Inc.*

Visit the Move Me to Atlanta relocation website by clicking here.

Teen Dream Room - Television Script


"Help! My teen’s room is trashing my house."

Two youthful hosts assist idea-less teens with turning boring bedrooms into electrifying living spaces.

*Registered With Writers Guild of America, East, Inc.*

Vegan Duel - Television Script


"Carnivores and herbivores faceoff."  

Staunch, meat-eating judges encouraged to embrace the eccentric tastes of vegan cooks who compete to win a cooking challenge.

*Registered With Writers Guild of America, East, Inc.*

Registered With Writers Guild of America, East, Inc.
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