New Month, New You – Declutter and Spruce up Your Mind

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First things first, your conscious mind runs the show. Your conscious mind is the king/queen and the subconscious mind is the servant. However, some people have been operating so long with the subconscious running the show that they don’t realize that they have more power than they realize. When the subconscious runs the show, your life is probably out of control because it does not take instruction from you; instead, it’s operating on all the instruction that has been placed into you your entire life. It’s no wonder people are confused and depressed.

The conscious mind will have to work hard to reclaim its reign over this out of control subconscious mind.

Declutter the mind and fill it with new “furniture”

There two parts to gaining control of the subconscious mind. You will literally have to start eliminating thoughts that aren’t working for you stored in your subconscious mind. Then, replace those thoughts with better ones.

Have you ever seen what a hoarder’s house looks like? They collect tons of random stuff until it is piling up and drowning them. That’s what your mind has probably been doing over the years without you being aware of it. You have stuff from when you were in preschool in your head, and you have insults from when you were a teen still floating in your head, you have anger from a past relationship still lurking there. If you have never removed this stuff from your subconscious, you have lots of unnecessary thoughts floating around in your head that are getting in the way of you manifesting a better life.

Think about it: if you are still ticked off about the coach never choosing you to be on the winning team and instead placing you on the mediocre team, this single thought could still be attracting mediocre experiences. That coach thought you weren’t good enough to be on a winning team, but you don’t have to keep embodying this thought. This could make you feel like a loser in the deep recesses of your mind, and you are attracting mediocre circumstances into your life.

But guess what? That thought was put there by someone else. Politely take it and put it in the pile of other drama that you are collecting over in the corner of your mind and preparing to toss out in the trash. You are about to replace that thought with winning ones to get on the winning team of your choice in life! No longer will you drift automatically to the mediocre team because someone else felt you belong there.

Get a piece of paper out. This activity may take more than a few minutes because you will have to dig deep into some of your past traumas and write them down. This may be as simple as a bully taking your cookie from you when you were in preschool. If you remember this, then trust me, you are still secretly ticked off about this. This one thing has made you comfortable with folks taking stuff from you, and so you are subconsciously allowing people to take things from you in your adult life, or you may be terrified of standing up for yourself. Write all of these things down that you can remember and look at this list. That list can look like this:

I remember the time when I was laughed off stage when I goofed during the Shakespeare tryouts

I remember the time when someone pick-pocketed me

I remember when my little sister beat me up

I remember when my girlfriend left me for my cousin

I remember when I knew the answer to the question and Mrs. Smith called on someone else to answer even though she saw me raise my hand

Think back to those events in your life and get ticked off about it for the last time. Then pile these things up in that clutter pile and prepare to toss all of this mess out of your life. It’s over! You don’t have to be haunted by these thoughts anymore. However, before you toss them in this pile, really reflect on why this bothered you then and what behaviors you may be drawing into your life due to the trauma from this memory.

For instance, if your girlfriend left you for your cousin, this may be the source of your feeling terrible about your looks and maybe driving an eating disorder. If you goofed during the Shakespeare tryouts, this might be the source of you shying away from leadership roles out of fear that people will not take you seriously. After you reflect on these things, then pile them up in the toss out corner. These things may take some time to recall, so don’t rush this exercise. You may need to take this entire month or even longer remember these things that are tearing your life apart without you realizing it.

Now that you have your substantial list of things and you have reflected on them, and you have piled them up to be tossed out, its time to either reflect on great experiences that have happened in your life. It can be the most insignificant thing, but it brought you joy.

I remember when my grandma used to give me extra snacks

I remember when I got a massive collection of GI Joe action figures for my birthday

I remember when I was chosen to be the crossing guard

Recalling these things will allow you to reflect on the things that make you feel good and draw more of those experiences. Now go a step further and reflect on why those things made you feel good. The first sample feels good, probably because you like being treated specially by someone you love or someone in authority. The second example probably feels good because you like having more things than the average person. The third example probably feels good because you like being a leader.

The whole purpose of this technique is to get down to the bottom of what you don’t like and what you do like so that you can recognize the difference between the two when these things show up in your life. When you realize the experiences that make you feel inferior, your mind will begin to repel that. Likewise, when things that make you feel great show up, your mind will accept that. You are probably on autopilot allowing all these things into your life, and that’s no way to live!

One last thing is to look back at that list of bad things. From that bad seed, you are not about to plant good seeds. For instance, the time when you were ticked off for being pick-pocketed. The new seed you are going to plant is being more aware of sketchy folks hanging around in your surroundings and making sure that you keep appropriate boundaries with people, whether you know them or not. Your little sister beat you up, and you felt like a loser for letting someone younger than you beat you. But you are no longer going to carry the grudge around about young people getting promoted at your job while you stay stuck in your role. You are going to try instead to learn some of the ways that they are remaining competitive.

Declutter the junk from your subconscious and replace it with new beautiful, orderly things so that you can manifest your desired life instead of this prepackaged dull life that you have been living for far too long.

Try this method over the next thirty days in order to make it a habit.  Then, come back and share what your experiences have been in the comments.  By then, I will have another mystical technique for success in the next post for New Month, New You.

What are your thoughts on using this method?  Post a comment in the comment section.

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