New Month, New You – Auto-Suggesting Your Way Out of Stinking Thinking

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ATLANTA – Written by M.L. Childs, Author, Screenwriter, Copywriter and Dramatic Historian

I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback on the article that I posted last month entitled Journaling From the Vantage Point of the Future; however, I realized that writing goals might not be everyone’s thing.  So this month, I want to focus on another mystical technique that will help you to transform your life and get on the road to success.  This technique is called auto-suggestion.

Some of you may have heard of subliminal techniques.  It is basically hypnosis.  There are a lot of apps available that help you to hypnotize yourself right before you go to bed at night.  If you like, you can disregard what I tell you in this article and opt for those techniques to hypnotize yourself.  This technique that I am introducing to you will involve more of your time and effort but it will be personalized to you.

If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, there are apps and YouTube videos that place you in a hypnotic state using music or repetitive sayings to influence your subconscious.  I have used these and I still do use them whenever I feel like I want to focus on a specific thing like wealth building or being happy.  However, one thing that I have found to be as equally useful as these techniques is auto-suggestion.  If you are wondering what auto-suggestion is, it is simply things that you are telling yourself.  Literally, you are telling yourself stuff all day long.  It’s that little voice in your head that helps you think or be creative or remember things.

This auto-suggestion technique is a focused way of putting things in your own mind, using your own voice to clear the clutter in your subconscious and begin to improve your thoughts.  For instance, you may be walking around all day long telling yourself things like “I’m fat” or “I’m unattractive” or “I’m broke” or “I’m stupid” or “I hate that” and so on and so forth.  You are technically hypnotizing your mind into bad thoughts that are bringing more of those things into your reality.  What good is it to focus on bringing real desires into your life if you are only going to “shoot yourself in the foot” by saying terrible things to yourself in your mind all day? For those who are still not seeing your desires manifest, it may be that your mental conversation is not aligned with success.

You have to get a handle on what your brain is whispering to itself all day.  The way to do this is to do focused auto-suggestion so that you can start to gain control of your thoughts.  The journaling technique that I introduced in the last article is a form of auto-suggestion because you are writing something repeatedly until you begin to feel and believe it.  Another type of auto-suggestion is recording your voice telling you to do something repeatedly and playing it back.  This doesn’t have to be in the past tense.  It can be in the present tense; however, as I stated in the last article, past tense does seem to give a little more power to the thing that you desire.

Start Recording Your Voice

Start by getting a voice recorder.  This may be an app on your phone so, if you have it stored there, you can start recording.  If you don’t have that as an option, then download it or go and purchase such an item from a technology store.  What is it that you want to improve about yourself?  Whatever it is should revolve around a theme like, self-confidence or wealth or intelligence or happiness.  Once you have a theme, then it is time to get out a piece of paper and list the associated themes. Let’s take self-confidence, for instance.  Start to ponder things that you admire about self-confident people and make a list of those things.  The list could look like this:

  • self-confident people are happy
  • self-confident people are not afraid to talk to people
  • self-confident people speak well
  • self-confident people smile a lot
  • self-confident people are leaders

Write down as many things that you can think of as you brainstorm.  Then go back and look at this list and pick the most powerful of these things on the list. Now, you will take the most significant items on the list and write those things like this:

  • I am very happy
  • I am not afraid to talk to people
  • I speak very well
  • I smile a lot
  • I am a leader

After writing down these things, you are now going to record your voice saying these exact things with conviction and enthusiasm as if you own a self-confidence business.  Once you record these things, you will play back these things every night and/or every morning.  These recordings should be the last thing you do before going to bed or the first thing you do when you wake up.  This practice will begin to make you take control of your mind.  When you start to feel that your mind is wavering throughout the day, recall the positive things that you stated on your recording.  If you find yourself saying rotten things to yourself like “I’m sad” or “people make me nervous” or “my leadership sucks,” think back to your recordings.  If you have a portable recorder and some headphones, play the recording again.  Play it in your car on the way to or from work. Anytime you feel that you’re slipping back into “stinking thinking,” play your recorded voice so that you can drown out the voice in your head that makes you feel unsuccessful or fat or stupid.

Try this method over the next thirty days in order to make it a habit.  Then, come back and share what your experiences have been in the comments.  By then, I will have another mystical technique for success in the next post for New Month, New You.

What are your thoughts on using this method?  Post a comment in the comment section.

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Disclaimer:  This blog article is the opinion of the author and is meant for entertainment purposes.  It is not meant to take the place of professional advice.  

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