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You may be aware of the phrase “3-minute unplug” from my recent publication, The Missing Link – Building the Bridge From Your Current Circumstances to Your Future. In this e-book, I mention this technique to recalibrate the mind by shutting it off, similar to fixing most computer problems by simply powering it off. Just like computers, we can become overwhelmed with too many “windows” open – thinking about this and thinking about that. This causes us to stall and the answers that the universe is trying to communicate to us never reach us because too much other crap is floating around in our heads.

This 3-minute unplug technique is not much different from meditation, but I have to admit that I suck at meditation. Besides, I like the 3-minute unplug because the aim is to literally quiet the mind like you would “quiet” a computer when you shut it off. Meditation, for me, seems to be focused on breathing or listening to the voice of someone during a guided meditation, or reflection on your day or some other singularly focused thing. The 3-minute unplug is merely training the brain not to think to tame it so that it can receive information from the outer frequencies.

Why 3 minutes you may ask?

The brain is off the hook, okay. Have you ever tried to not think for 3 minutes? It’s almost impossible. You sit or lie down and relax and as soon as you start to relax, what does your mind do? It starts talking to itself. Or singing to itself. Or thinking about your significant other. Or some meeting next week. Or bills. Oh, Lord the bills. You just need a brief time to power off the mind and 3 minutes seem to be not too much and not too little. This daily exercise for the mind is going to not only help calm the mind but will help to improve focus.

So how do you get started?

I usually start with a timer. Set it to three minutes. Try to pick a timer that has a soothing sound at the end of it. You don’t want to shock the brain too much after powering it off. You want to nudge it back to reality.

Sit or lie down and get comfortable. Breath and focus on nothing. Any thought that tries to enter the mind, eliminate it. Remember, you want to think about absolutely nothing. “But I have to walk the dogs,” your mind starts. “Nope. Shut up,” is your response. The mind is like a nagging child. It will tempt you to think because you have been thinking your whole entire life. It will be confused when you try to shut it down, but don’t let it get the best of you. Stand your ground. Then after the three minutes, you can go back to life as usual.

Try this method daily over the next thirty days in order to make it a habit.  Then, come back and share what your experiences have been in the comments.  By then, I will have another mystical technique for success in the next post for New Month, New You.

What are your thoughts on using this method?  Post a comment in the comment section.

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