New Month, New You – Watch Out For That Toxic Colleague at Work

We spend a substantial amount of our adult life at work. While we choose the job we want and have the credentials and education to back it up, we can’t choose the type of co-workers we interact with at work. Unfortunately, if you have a boss from hell, there isn’t much you can do about that. Nor can you do much about gossiping, dramatic colleagues. You have to interact with them at some point during the day, and strained relations between them can cause more harm than good. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to manifest a better job position but it doesn’t seem to be working for you, that bad energy from a toxic colleague may be to blame.

How Bad Colleagues Could Be Preventing Your Manifestations

If you want to improve your life or livelihood through manifestation, you have to try to avoid things that undermine it, such as negative thinking or gossip. While you may be doing a good job at this yourself, listening to someone who is negative and full of gossip is shooting yourself in the foot. After all, what good is it to avoid negativity in all aspects of your life and then allow it at work?

Remember the post I did a while ago on contradictory thoughts? If you are full of optimism one minute and around someone who is cynical and negative the next, this is putting contradictory thoughts into your mind. This could slow up the manifestation process. Therefore, if your frame of mind is positive, keeping people away from you who are negative all the time is the key to keeping your manifestations from being intercepted.

Ways You Can Unplug From the Toxicity

If you’ve been dealing with a toxic colleague that seems to be making your life negative and blocking your success, try to unplug by using these methods.

Limit Discussions

Are you talking to the very person who could be blocking your manifestations? Perhaps this person is getting you to talk about things and twisting your words to the boss or someone else of importance in the office. This type of sabotage doesn’t look good when you want to try to get a promotion. Instead of engaging in discussion with such people, try the avoidance method. When they come around, make an excuse to get the hell out of Dodge.

Set Boundaries

It is not always easy to set boundaries at work. After all, you don’t want to seem like the weirdo who is always alone. Nor do you want to be labeled as anti-social. But with toxic people, you will need to reduce your interaction with them. If you share an office with them, see if you can move to another office. If you’ve always gone to lunch around the same time, try to change your lunchtime. Another good move is to stay busy. You know the saying, “an idle mind is the devil’s playground.” This also applies to sitting around with nothing to do. This invites devilish talk to start. Instead of looking bored and welcoming in toxicity, always be on the go, looking for something to make yourself busy at work.

Change the Conversation, Often

Sometimes engaging in dark discussions with others at work could be the reason why you are suffering from dark energy. When a toxic colleague comes to you ready to talk about the latest office gossip, one way to stop the drama is by changing the conversation. If you do this enough, you will discourage the drama because colleagues won’t find you interesting to talk to.

Although random office gossip may not seem like it is interfering with manifesting, it does. Even if you aren’t trying to manifest a new position at work, it could interfere with other things you are trying to do outside of work. Engaging in negativity in any environment can slow up or stop your ability to attract a better life, no matter how hard you try. So, when you encounter it, especially at work, try to minimize it at all costs. If the environment is too toxic, consider leaving.

Try doing this for a month and come back and share your experiences. By then, I will have another mystical technique for success in the next post for New Month, New You.

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Image of toxic co-worker trying to harm another one courtesy of 131961649 © Antonio Guillem |

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