New Month, New You – Bloodline Curses May Be Blocking Your Manifestations

Have you been on this law of attraction and manifestation journey but don’t seem to get the success that most people get? A lot of what you may be experiencing with blocks to your manifestation is that you may have limiting beliefs. But one thing that could be blocking your manifestation that you may not have even considered is bloodline curses.

What is a Bloodline Curse?

A bloodline curse or a generational curse is something that is passed down from one generation to the next based on something someone did in your family. Or it could be a hex someone put on an ancestor. For instance, you may be a victim of a bloodline curse because maybe before someone died, they cursed the name or family of one of your ancestors to always be poor or always lose a family member at an early age.

You all probably have heard some family secrets that are wildly unbelievable. But if you delve into them deeper, you may find that they may be the source of some of the problems in your life.

Maybe your great-aunt had an adulterous relationship with someone, and the wife may have cursed the family for having an indecent relationship with her spouse.

You may never be able to pinpoint who did what at what time in history. But if you are experiencing lots of bad luck along with other family members, this could be due to a bloodline curse.

How Bloodline Curse May Be Affecting Your Manifestations

So just how does this bloodline curse affect your manifestation? It could be that it’s affecting your finances. Or it could be impacting your love life. No matter what you try to do to level up, it’s like you keep being knocked down.

When you’ve done just about all you can do to improve your life, and you keep experiencing weird mishaps, don’t underestimate the fact that a curse affecting your ancestor may be to blame. After all, we don’t know what our ancestors may have gotten away with. It very well may have been a murder that they took to their grave and never got arrested for.

How to Alleviate Some of These Curses

Just because you may be under a bloodline curse doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to manifest the life of your dreams. Keep in mind that you will probably have to be the family curse breaker which means you will probably have to face a lot of hardship and difficulty to reach your dream life. So, what are some ways you can break these curses?

  • Rely on prayer
  • Try meditation
  • Take salt baths
  • Sage yourself and home
  • Use essential oils and incense
  • Break away from traditional family values
  • Move away
  • Get reiki to fix your energy
  • Use crystals
  • Listen to vibration-lifting music

These are just a few ways that you will have to combat the bloodline curse you may be under. Continue to focus on manifestation, but include these helpful tools to help clear your energy.

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