New Month, New You – Retraining Your Subconscious With Subliminal Messages

You may recall the post I made some time ago called “New Month, New You – Auto-Suggesting Your Way Out of Stinking Thinking and the other post, “New Month, New You – Using Audio Affirmations To Reprogram Your Mind For Success.” This is very similar to those articles but combines them both to combat this problem that we all have with our subconscious mind. Both involve using subliminal to help transform your life.

The Subconscious Mind on Auto-Pilot

All of us grow up in receptive mode. As kids, the world around us shapes our worldviews. Our parents are instrumental in how we see things. If your parents harped on broke topics all your life, you likely will develop these same habits as an adult. You will likely pass these same broke traits on to your children, too. Likewise, if your parents instilled in you how to be intelligent with money, you will likely grow up and have these similar traits.

In either scenario, no one is a clone. So, you won’t do exactly as your parents did. But unless you consciously make an effort not to think about life in the way your childhood shaped it, your subconscious is likely on auto-pilot. What this means is all the ideas that impressed you as a youth are still shaping your mind today. And if they aren’t good memories, then you probably are having trouble in several areas of your life.

You may not be able to hold steady relationships. Or you may not be able to handle money well, even if you have tons of it. You may not even be able to keep a stable home environment because your experience was to drift from place to place as a child. If you keep repeating cycles in your life, but the only difference is a new cast of characters, your subconscious is creating these same outcomes.

If you’re okay with the outcomes that are happening in your life, stick with them. However, if you are fed up with the dead-end your life is in, you may want to turn off the auto-pilot.

How To Take The Subconscious Off Auto-Pilot

So how do you turn off auto-pilot and start to change your life circumstances? The first thing to realize is that your outer is a reflection of your inner. If your mind is a ball of chaos, then your life probably is, too. But how do you stop this chaos that seems to have led you to a life of hopelessness? There are two ways to do it, and both involve trying to do this exercise when you get up and as you fall asleep. This is when your subconscious mind is most receptive.

Voice Recording Subliminals

One of the easiest ways to start retraining your subconscious is with your own voice. Your voice is going to be the most influential voice in the world because you live with it every day. So one way to start retraining your subconscious is to feed it positive words as you dose and when you first wake up. That drowsy state is when your subconscious is most susceptible to suggestion.

You can do this by determining what you want to change in your life. Are you always shy in social settings? Are you overweight and keep telling yourself bad things that keep you overweight? Could you be looking for love but feel like you are unloveable? Do you feel like a failure?

Whatever it is that you are feeling about yourself, take a pen and paper and write what you prefer to feel. If you are overweight, write, “I am healthy, trim, and sexy.” (I threw the sexy part in. You can stop at trim) Or, if you feel shy, write, “I am very confident wherever I go.” If you feel like no one wants you, write, “I can’t keep the men/women off me because I’m so loveable.”

After you write these things, now repeat them into your voice recorder. You can do one recording at three minutes each recording. Or, if you like, you can record several affirmations in one session. I suggest trying to stick with one for now until you get good at doing this. Then, put on some headphones and listen to them as you dose and when you wake up in the morning. After consistently doing this for a few weeks, you will start reprogramming your subconscious for different life results.

Video/Audio Subliminals

Another way to retrain your subconscious is to listen to video or audio subliminals. There are tons of them on YouTube and downloadable as an app. You just have to find which ones resonate with you. Like with your voice recordings, these affirmations will help you retrain your brain. They have them for just about any problem you’re dealing with.

Subliminal reprogramming helps you replace the useless stuff in your subconscious with stuff that will make you feel better about yourself. Within time, as you transform your thoughts and feelings, you will start to attract a better life.

Start listening to voice recordings and subliminals to start changing your inner to change your outer. Try this technique for a month. Then, come back and share your experiences in the comments. By then, I will have another mystical technique for success in the next post for New Month, New You.

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Disclaimer: This blog article is the opinion of the author. It should not take the place of professional advice.

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