Do You Suffer From Dark Circles Under The Eyes?

Well, I certainly do. And it is something that I absolutely don’t like about my face. Over the years, it has gotten progressively worse as I age. I’m sure as you get up in age, you’re starting to notice them on your face, too. There are all kinds of serums available on the market to address the issue. However, I’ve been approaching this problem in a much more holistic way — inside out. Check out some of the products I’ve been using over the past six months to try to get this problem under control.

Start on the Inside

One thing I’ve realized is that much of what goes on outside of us is going on inside of us. So to tackle outer problems, it’s a good idea to start there. Here is one of the most important products that I consume to get this problem under control. (click images or links in this article to access the products)

core water


One of the most important products I consume is plain old-fashioned water. But the water I drink isn’t just any type of water. What I love about this bottled water is that it is pH balanced. Unfortunately, most water we consume isn’t pH balanced at around seven like it should be. Many of them are acidic.

Someone did a video a few years ago on Youtube showing acidic waters vs. alkaline waters. While this one wasn’t in the test, this brand at least claims to be pH balanced. So, I try to drink this and Essentia, which is a more alkalized water. I can’t stop praising the benefits of water because it is the least favorite drink of many but the one that can miraculously transform the body the most for the better.

Green Tea

If you’ll recall in a previous post, I like to consume green tea and lots of it. I appreciate it for the antioxidant powers. I’m not entirely sure what all that means medically, but whatever it is, it seems to work and helping to detox the body. So I drink it almost as often as I drink water. But I drink it without any sweeteners because I prefer to consume it for its healing powers and not the taste. My affiliate partner, Adagio Teas, offers a variety of loose-leaf and matcha green teas.

Dandelion Tea

Another one of my favorite things to consume is Dandelion tea. I don’t drink this as often as green tea, however. I use this to detox probably every three months for about a week. What I love about this is that this tea is good for the liver and kidneys. Both of these organs tend to have an effect on how our skin looks.

If your skin is dull, rashy, or otherwise messed up, these organs probably suffer from the food and beverages you consume, particularly alcohol, and need some TLC. This is why I consume Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Tea from time to time, especially if I know I haven’t been eating properly and need to detox those organs.


One of the other favorites that I’ve started including in my diet is collagen peptides. As we age, the skin becomes less supple. While this doesn’t necessarily help with the dark circles, it does help minimize wrinkles and other problems underneath the eye and brings youthfulness back to the face. I often add my collagen to one of my warm teas to dissolve it and drink it. I also make sure I purchase an unflavored type so that I can add it to any beverage I want and not taste the flavor of the collagen.


One last item on my list of fixing problems from the inside out is using fiber. This fixes a number of problems because gut health is wealth. But I use this to mainly cut out the toxins floating around in my body. I prefer to use a light type of fiber that is flavorless because I consume it without thinking about it. Therefore, I use Benefiber.

You can add something like this to your bottled water and never realize that you are drinking fiber cause you can’t taste it.

Then Tackle The Outside

Once you start getting things under control on the inside, then it’s time to start to fix the outside. Some of what you see on the outside is the residual of past problems. Remember, cells grow until you die. So they are constantly shedding and renewing. They just go slower as you age. So a little help from products that help the shedding process along faster can help eliminate the dark patches on the exterior. Additionally, products with a bit of lightening power can also help.

Brightening Creams

This is why I started using Shiseido’s White Lucent Brightening Gel Cream.

While this is one of my go-to products when lightening the dark circles under my eyes, another one that I recently discovered is an amazing product by Sunday Riley called AutoCorrect, available at Ulta Beauty. It, too, helps improve the dark circles under the eye with its brightening power.


One of my final go-tos for dealing with dark circles under my eyes is Mac Concealer. While I don’t always want to use makeup to hide flaws, this one does a great job at conditioning the undereye while hiding this flaw — at least until nature heals the flaw from other products I’m using.

While I’m not entirely happy with the current state of my under eyes, I must say these products are helping reduce the dark circles.

What are some of your chosen methods of getting rid of dark circles under your eye? Leave your comments in the comment section or interact with me on my Instagram page.

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