New Month, New You – Saging to Remove Negative Energy From Your Environment

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If you have had the opportunity to read my latest book, The Missing Link – Building The Bridge from Your Current Circumstances To Your Future, you know that sometimes metaphysical things prevent you from getting what you want. I was told that I am an empath, and upon learning about what an empath is, I agree that I have those qualities. Being an empath is a good thing, but the unfortunate thing is that you absorb all types of energy more than others when you are an empath. The typical energy that is attracted to people like us is negative.

Whether you are trying to manifest or merely trying to have the right attitude, this can be very difficult if you are an empath. You will have to rely on alternative methods of keeping your energy in alignment to manifest what you want and to keep negative energy from invading your space.

Keep in mind that negative energy isn’t always lingering somewhere in the ether waiting to pounce on you. Sometimes negative energy can be within you. A few months ago, I mentioned in an article that you have to do your best to clear negative energy within you by doing things like Auto-Suggest Your Way Out Of Stinking Thinking or Declutter and Spruce Up Your Mind. Cleaning up the negativity within the subconscious is one of the first steps to getting rid of negativity. Another thing to do is to sage your home or environment to remove residual negative energy.

There are various types of sage, but I typically use white sage. You can find sage at a health food store or at metaphysical shops online. If I feel that I have been around moody people or I’ve been unusually negative myself, I will burn sage to remove those negative feelings from the room. Sometimes, I will also open a window and turn on a fan so that symbolically the bad vibes can go out of the house. For some, you may only have to sage a few times to get in alignment. However, since I am an empath and I’m always encountering negative energy from within, around me, and even from the spirit world, I have to use sage more often than most.

Do you use sage to remove negative energy and vibes? What are your thoughts on using this method?  Post a comment in the comment section.

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